Before we went off to Cornwall in mid-August, I was contacted via Twitter by a company called ClemenGold, to ask if I would like to take delivery of, eat, and then review some of their South African citrus fruit. Free food you say? Ah, go on….

The very next day, a box of ClemenGold the size of a small country arrived. My son and I actually counted them, and there were 198! What on earth was I going to do with 198 clementines? Well my son got stuck straight in and we were immediately down to 195, as he declared them “Yummy!”. We put some in the fridge, gave some to the neighbours and my Mum, and then packed as many as we could in with our camping stores, as we were going the very next day.



Well, the boy was right, they were simply yummy and delicious! Easy peelers, beautifully soft and juicy, almost totally seedless and lovely and sweet.

Thank you to Michelle at ClemenGold for sending them to me, we all enjoyed them very much. The ones in the fridge kept fresh until after we returned from camping, so we had plenty more to enjoy.