Words don’t do this recipe justice – just cook it and eat it and LOVE it! Thanks Emily!

Chilli Marmalade

I’m a massive fan of meat. Every which way: oven-roasted, pan-seared, slow-cooked, fast-cooked, rare-bloody-gorgeousness and blackened charred sticky edges. Mostly, I like my meat barbequed.

On my quest for the perfect barbequed meat feast, I paid a visit to London’s most popular barbeque joint, Pitt Cue Co in Soho a week ago and inhaled the most succulent pulled pork I’d ever tasted.

So, I decided to have a go at some pulled pork in my own kitchen, but approached my recipe from a different angle – by firing up my trusty slow-cooker…

Slow-cooker pulled pork

Before I embarked on my great homemade pulled pork adventure, I researched various slow-cooker pulled pork recipes online and realised that the best approach was by ‘feel’, and a top-notch homemade barbeque sauce. The best homemade barbeque sauce follows the principle of balancing salty, sweet, sharp and spice, so I gathered my arsenal of pantry sauces – worstershire sauce, Firkin hot…

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