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As a London Underground train driver by day, I absolutely LOVE this idea, and will hopefully be checking it out later on in the Summer. Thanks to Emily at Chilli Marmalade for this tip off!

Chilli Marmalade

I hate watching people eat on the Tube. I am always seeing people peeling fruit, nibbling chips, gobbling sandwiches and even scooping up salad with their fingers and it makes me cringe. The germs down underground are out of control. In fact, when I first arrived in London, I’d blow my nose at the end of each day and it was BLACK. That doesn’t happen anymore, I suppose my body has just embraced the dusty, sooty atmosphere and is now used to it. Blergh.

Today, I saw that the Basement Galley is offering the chance to have an entire meal on the London Underground, and from the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like it’d be an amazing experience.

Well, when I say ON the London Underground, I mean that it’s on a decommissioned 1967 Victoria Line Carriage, so it isn’t moving, but that’s even better news! No jostling with fellow…

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