I’m a train driver by day, (well, very early morning!), and a wife, mother and cookery addict by night.

I love to cook – I have a cookbook collection that could easily rival that of a bookshop, and I love to eat out. In London we are so lucky to have all types of cuisine on our doorstep, and I enjoy trying them!

I am keen to try more Chinese cookery, and to develop both my baking, and my curry making skills!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi…i’m an Italian Cookery Addicted! i have a blog too and i find you because of the name…quite similar to mine! Well…nice to meet you….i’ll be happy if u come and visit my blog: http://www.cookeryaddicted.blogspot.it
    See ya…Paola

  2. Hi there, thanks for checking out my blog! I have a bit of a cookbook addiction myself but I do try and search on the internet as well. I don’t think books will ever go out of fashion….

  3. Hi Rachel, how’s the collection coming along? I borrowed Burma: Rivers of Flavour from the library and bought Three Sisters, Back to the Beginning. There are some very simple and flavourful recipes in there.
    BTW, I am super chuffed to be on you ‘blogs i follow’ list 🙂 I think yours is the first list I’ve made.

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